Monday, November 5, 2012

Video Tutorial on Transferring onto fabric and paper with Magic Transfer Paper

Now you can use Magic Transfer Paper on almost any substrate to produce beautiful image transfers in very little time! For image transfers on paper, canvas, fabric and raw polymer clay all you do is print your image (backwards) onto the paper using a LASER printer (we take it to Office Max, Office Depot, or Kinkos and advise them that it is vellum) and then cut out your image. On paper and fabric you need a medium and we've tested them all- guess what? Good old Elmer's glue works just great! Also gel mediums, fabric mediums, matte and gloss medium...basically anything sticky will work. You can do it on a transparency using gel medium then peel it off. For clay you just stick it on, no medium. We have other videos on how to do that. You can watch the video below. 

You can purchase Magic Transfer paper at this link

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