Monday, December 24, 2012

My new art studio circa 2013


It' funny how you can live some place for many years and yet it always looks different. I live on 5 acres in the middle of nowhere off of a dirt road. I guess you could say its quite I have lived here for about 14 years and now is the time that I have decided to build my own studio on the property. I have toyed with the idea of renting a place and opening a shop, I have toyed with the idea of buying another piece of property to put a studio on but in the long run I love where I live and I love to create where I live. So what better place to put my very own studio but on my own land. It will only be a minute away from the house and if I want to wear my PJ's who is going to see me. Of course when I have retreats and open houses I will have to actually get Below are 2 pics of what will be soon be the site of my new studio. I think I have decided on a size and its going to be 16 feet wide by 40 feet long. The area gets full sun, which is perfect for a studio (and lots of flowers). I am still deciding on how many windows to put in. I am so excited to see where this will lead, I have alot of goals for 2013 and one of them is building the studio and sharing it with you and all my friends around the world. So come back and see the progress of my studio and I hope when its all built you will get to join me for a little creating. Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and new year full of dreams and possibilities.