Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Where did the year go?

It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed since I have even posted on this blog. It has been a crazy busy year but so many good things are happening. We started and finished our first year of Polymer Clay Adventure virtual retreat and it turned out to be the biggest polymer clay event in the world! How amazing is that! We had more than 1000 attendees in the first year and now we have launched year two. I am looking forward to another awesome year full of fun.

This year we also have some new and exciting things planned and are launching a whole other part of our business. Now that Kira has been able to quit her day job and devote her time to our business it opens up so many other possibilities. Stay tuned for more about that but meanwhile get on the list to be notified of whats up and coming. http://www.createalong.com

Here is a fairly recent pic of me since I don't think I have one on the site and you might be wondering who is this Ilysa Ginsburg person. LOL I am going to try to share more here on Emerald Earth this year I have so much going on and I want to share it all with you so I hope you will check back in to see whats up next. Have a happy, healthy new year!