Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspiration from Polymer Clay Books

There are so many polymer clay books on the market that it can be very overwhelming to choose which to start with. When I started working with polymer clay over 23 years ago there were no books at all on polymer clay. Its hard to believe that with all of today's options at your fingertips and all the resources available on the web that a little over 20 years ago there was absolutely nothing available. Boy times have changed but in a good way.

When ever anyone asks me what book I would start with I always refer to the very first book published on polymer clay and its called "The New Clay", by Nan Roche. The book was published by a little known publisher called Flower Valley Press but it was monumental in my clay experience. It let me know there were others out there that shared my passion for this amazing medium and showed me there were other creative things happening with this medium. So if you are just starting with polymer clay and want a book that has a little of everything in it, then I suggest you pick yourself up a copy of The New Clay and see where your imagination and creativity takes you!

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