Monday, September 29, 2014

Organizing is a breeze with these Deflecto products and a great way to store your extruder discs too!

I built my dream art studio last October and I am still working on organization, its been slow going considering how much stuff I have. I had plenty of my own stuff but I also inherited my moms 30+ years of collections as well. So you can imagine how much stuff I have. I am a member of the Deflecto design team and Deflecto makes some awesome organization products. I have a ton of clay cutters and had been storing them in plastic bags and had to sort through all the bags to find what I wanted. Let me tell you it was a pain in the neck so boy was I glad to get these organizational products to work with.

The black round one with the stackable bins is the Lazy susan design, I love how easy it is to find my cutters as the bins are all clear and I can spin it around to see them all. There are also stackable cubes that many people have used for dies and embossing plates. I used mine for molds and tools. There are also cubes with drawers and I have some of my metal stamps in them along with sponges.

The bins on the right are also awesome for organizing, I use them to store my liquid clay, molds, cutters and dye ink. They have one with a larger bin which is on the bottom and one that the bins are smaller which is on the top. They stack or mount on the wall, since I like to change things around all of the time I decided not to mount mine at the moment. There are so many options for these bins and I loved seeing all of this stuff that was just laying around now so neat and organized.

Deflecto also makes magnetic sheets which I was going to print out our logo on as little giveaways but my printer would not grab the sheets it kept telling me I had to add paper, lets just say it's a touchy printer.LOL  I wanted a way to keep my extruder discs neatly organized but easily accessible and easy to find so I thought how great would it be to place them on the magnetic sheet and it worked like a charm. I hope these give you some ideas for organizing your space. It feels so good when you can actually find what you are looking for and it looks so much nicer than disorganization!


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