Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The progress on my art studio is astounding

My art studio has come a long way in such a short time( you can see from previous photos), the windows are in, the house wrap is on and the roof is going on today, in fact my contractor has been out there since about 7AM this morning working on it. I have ordered the A/C unit that will go in the wall and it also has heat in it for those winter months that do believe it or not get cold here in northern, FL. You would never know that by the 90+ degree summer heat but I have been through winters where it was in the single digits outside so I felt heat was a necessity.

I chose to have only 2 windows on one side of the building so I can install cabinets if I decide to but the other that faces west has 4 big windows for lots of natural light. I will be installing 3 ceiling fans with light fixtures and I am thinking some lights over my work surfaces as well. Although I am still figuring out exactly where I want everything. The wall in the last photo of this post is where I think I will have a closet with shelves running the full length, which is 16 feet wide. That would give me a ton of storage. I am going to have to make up my mind shortly because this is going faster than expected and its really hard to believe that all of this work that was done in such a short time was done by ONLY one man. Needless to say I found an awesome contractor and believe me I tell him that everyday. LOL Stay tuned for more pics.

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