Friday, June 28, 2013

Latest update on my art studio journey

I am super excited to say that progress has been going pretty good considering all the rain we have gotten here in northern Florida lately. The Hardee board stuff (probably spelled wrong, lol) is now complete on 2 sides of the building and the front is almost done. Here are some pics of both sides so you can see that it now looks like a building. Not sure what color I am painting the building yet but that will come later. Since this is all new to me I don't know how much more work is involved but I imagine within 1 and 1/2 months the building should be complete inside and out. I hope its sooner than later but I think that is wishful thinking. If anyone has any good organization tips I am going to need them so please share. Hope everyone has a creative day!

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  1. Hi Ilysa! My name is sue. I found you through the Things CRAFTY group. I just joined today and am just trying to get familiar with some of the artists and they're styles. :) Your so lucky to be creating this dream of a place!!! Good for YOU!