Thursday, January 16, 2014

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For those of you that don't know I guest post on the Create Mixed Media blog once a month. I usually share tutorials but today I wanted to talk a little about some of the things that happened to me this past year and plans for the future. Lets just say there are a ton of things that are going on in my life behind the scenes, one in particular is going to be so amazing it will blow your mind. lol I hope you will visit this blog often for updates. I will share all the new things going on in my life. I plan to post lots more pics too! Hope your year is a good one!

Saying Goodbye to 2013 and Setting Goals in the New Year - See more on the Create Mixed Media blog:

This is my make shift photo booth at my New Years Eve get together.

This is my sister (Mona) on the left and me (Ilysa) on the right NYE. When this picture was snapped she said to me I didn't realize how much shorter you were than me.LOL My dad was 6 foot 3 and my mom was 5 foot 1 so guess who I took after. 

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