Monday, May 27, 2013

My guest post for Cousin Corporation

I was really excited a few months ago when I was asked by Cousin Corp. to be a guest blogger for them on their blog. I love their products so it was easy to say yes but then I had to figure out what to write. I realized I had been making jewelry for most of my life, in fact for over 43 years. That is an astoundingly long time when you think about it. Clearly jewelry making is a passion of mine and one that has stuck with me over time as has polymer clay for the last 24 years. I love what I do and will probably always create jewelry of some sort or another. I have a book coming out this Sept. with F & W Media with my business partner Kira. This is another dream I get to cross off my list! Woo hoo. So exciting and a pinch yourself moment for sure.

Anyway I hope you will check out the article for Cousin Corp and make sure to leave a comment letting me know what you think. Have a nice Memorial Day, hope you are spending the day with friends and family.

Another dream coming true this year is my new art studio! All 4 walls are up now, so exciting.

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